Monday, September 30, 2013


International Blasphemy Day, Sept. 30

What people deem a vile blaspheme
Is just a spore that gores their meme.

Perceptions strain what's in their brain
Not for me? You're against my grain.

A major peeve, what makes them grieve,
Is proof why others don't believe.

Annoyed enough, those memes play rough;
They'll even kill to push their stuff.

All things alive have memes that drive
The host to hate, just to survive.

Can we insist, to coexist,
That we don't need an exorcist?

No sticks and stones, no broken bones,
No missiles, bombs or bullets and drones.

The right of each to freedom of speech
Is the meme that we should preach.

So have your say on Blasphemy Day
Till bad ideas go away.

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