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Witch's Brew by Jacquie Lawson.com
Halloween message, October 31, 2008 (4 days before election day),
verses to accompany Jacquie Lawson's "Witch's Brew" animated e-card,

Witch candidate slyly will boil us,
In deepening warfare embroil us?
Before it's too late,
Don't drink the Koolaid--
And VOTE, let no tyrant despoil us.

Our rulers have frogwarmed us yearly,
The slippery slope cost us dearly.
For all of our toil
They've hooked us on oil--
Thus hoodwinked we no longer see clearly.

They rule us with terror and fright--
Incessant harangues day and night.
Though they want to deceive,
We don't have to believe--
In our hearts we should know wrong from right.

There's no such a thing as free lunch;
At some point it comes to the crunch.
As the going gets steeper,
We just dig ourselves deeper--
What's left of us, maggots will munch.

So vote with your conscience and reason.
And don't give your trust to their treason.
Our freedoms they scatter
As though life didn't matter--
Bring justice and truth back in season.

Our country's most noble provisions
Leave not to their venal decisions.
Keep their feet to the fire,
Let not vigilance tire,
Or their witch's brew'll end all our visions.

Our honor world-wide to be earned
Our course from abyss must be turned.
False pride makes us weak.
We the people must speak--
Plowshares, not swords - haven't we learned?

If our masters have wronged any nation,
In our name practiced abomination,
We must seize the hour,
Take back our power,
Or share guilt by association.

We the people have natural rights
Transcending the government's might.
We the people's consent
For what they represent
Was the Founders' most brilliant insight.

So we are the rulers, not chattle.
Redistribution is battle
Of each against each,
Laborer or leech--
As the do-gooders milk us like cattle.

Yet our liberties aren't for sale,
Nor to be bartered as bail
When events lose control.
And we lose our soul
If we don't protest honor's betrayal.

War crudely accelerates war,
Heating passions to crave blood and gore.
Real peace can be bought
Only through thought--
Reasoned and true to the core.


So please think, then go out and vote,
and thereafter speak up every chance you get,
or we'll all be in the soup.
-- Kate

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